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Antimicrobial Resistance

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visually simplify a multivariate dataset in a manner that is both compelling and clear to understand


Biomedical Communications Technologies


Professor Jodie Jenkinson,

University of Toronto


April, 2020


Tableau, Adobe Illustrator


General Public


The goal of this assignment was to design a static, visual representation exploring assets of a multivariate dataset. Appropriate use of hierarchies was established through typography and colour. The final work is intended to be printed as a large scale poster, possibly displayed in an office, or a classroom. This invites the viewer to explore and look closely at all the different aspects that one might not recognize at a first, overall glance.





Data was acquired from the Canadian Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System, 2018 Update. 

AR Process Work-06.jpg


Data Cleaning

Once I acquired the data, I then organized it into an excel file. The challenge was to figure out which variables were especially relevant and interesting. I wanted to focus on the most pressing antibiotics that are increasing in resistance, and how these antibiotics are currently being used by the Canadian population.

AR Process Work-05.jpg


Data Visualization

After the data was cleaned and organized, I imported the excel document into Tableau. I played around and created a rough graph showing antimicrobial resistance percentages for 9 different classes of bacteria, using both colour and size to describe the data. 

However, this form of organization did not allow the viewer to clearly identify and compare different trends in antimicrobial resistance rates between bacterial classes.

AR Process Work-04.jpg


Rough Sketches

After a few ideations, I opted to organize the data in a radial manner. I felt this allowed the viewer to more easily make comparisons between antimicrobials resistance rates, allowing the eye to jump to the larger circles and identify which antimicrobials are becoming most problematic.

AR Process Work-01.jpg
AR Process Work-02.jpg


Design Iterations

The graphs generated in Tableau were then imported into Illustrator. I played around with different colour palettes and layouts to present the data. The dark colour scheme was traded for a lighter, more airy feel. 

Antibiotic Resistance-01.jpg
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